Online predators make profile pages on social networking sites by impostering children. They have 'game application' postings and or pictures of cute little stuffed animals, etc on their profile to appear like they are a 'kid'. These predators also have many 'friends' that have both children and adult profile pictures. Most of the adult friends have 'private' profiles. Most of the chidren profiles are 'public'. On many of the childrens profile page (facebook and youtube pages etc) I found graphic sex vidoes and soliciation for exchanging photos of children. I spent several hours following the links of friends on ONE profile page today. Everyone should be disturbed that these soical networking sites do not have 'content' moderation before videos are allowed to post publically. If you have an offender on your site like this, and I, a simple woman can trace hundreds through ONE profile alone, it would seem to me that these social networking sites could as well. If your children are on facebook, youtube etc. make sure you know the password, make sure you monitor and put parental controls on your pc and CHECK them! Do not let your child have 'friends' that they do not PERSONALLY know. People, if you run into this type of content online, please do the right thing and report it. REPORT IT! Save a child. Sexual abuse of a child is soul killing .. What if it were YOUR child?

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