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Monty the monkey travels the world to spread the word and love to those who are fighting or lost family and friends to the "BIG HORRID CANCER". In memory of my sister Victoria who sadly lost the battle against CANCER on 7/7/11 aged 43. She is my inspiration to fight the WAR against "THE BIG C" love you oh so much u R with mum,Jul...ie and Joe now. Until we all join together again nyt nyt and take care of each other, big hugs and kisses to you's all. To those of you who get this please pass it on to friends and family and also use your puffs to keep it "PUFFED UP" thanks. In MEMORY of my sister "VICTORIA McCARTNEY" and to keep her wishes i have made this balloon.
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My name is Abigayle Maria Arnold Cox i was born in Dublin Ireland , I was taken to heaven when i was only 7 weeks old i was very sick & had to go to Astrid Lingrens Childrens hosp' in Sweden to go on ECMO treatment but i was to sick to stay in this world my mammy & daddy miss me every day / I Love my family / Please pass my balloon on becau...se there is so many people who helped & prayed for us all throughout my journey' thank you all for supporting us & Praying for us... it may even make its way to Astrid Lingrens Childrens hosp' in Sweden who are also very special to me & my family / I was a little girl who felt sooo Loved / Always & Forever Abigayle xxxx Mammy & Daddy miss you everyday princesses :(See MoreHide

Teresa's balloon is on a journey to visit people and places all around the world, and needs your help to pass it along!
for julie,joe and my wee ma kepp them going please r.i.p.
LOVE AND MISS YOU ALL SO SO MUCH joe december 2008 wks later our julie 12 th december 2008 then mum may 2010 now my oth
...er sister vicky july 2011 g.b.nf xx

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Emma Louise Hall. who passed away 15/12/2008 aged 23 due to a heart transplant rejection..
Leaving her daughter Rio, aged 5.
Her Mother, Jackie.and her Brother ,Jamie..
Deeply Missed by all her family and friends..........Please keep this Angel Balloon Flying. xxxxx

Im launching this balloon on the 20th anniversary of my Dad Alexander Craig's death (17th October 1992). He passed away at only 64 of an accelerated version of Alzheimers and other complications. He has been joined by my only child Aidan Irving Craig who was born sleeping at 34 weeks, 4 years later, and my Mum Gina after 9 years of vascular dementia... 17 years later in August 2009 (she was 81). Please puff his balloon and if you can, please donate to Alzheimers Scotland/Alzheimers Society and similar charities for this terrible illness. Thank you so much. xxx <3See MoreHide

Im sending this balloon because my baby brothers life was cut short. .He was only 21 yrs old when he passed away on Dec.2 2007 at 4:01pm. With him was his girlfriend age 17 carring with her was there 7 month old unborn child and 2 of my brothers bestfriend all lost there lifes in a horable car accident which still unknow why but ran of the road and ...hit a tree killing them all instantly. They were following my mom and dad from VA back to FLA going back home from having Thanksgiving in VA with family. .After impact my mother and father had to watch helpless as the truck caught fire and then exploded not being able to help there babyboy or the other 4 that was traped inside. .So im sending this balloon so that it will fly high and peacfully over places my brother didnt get a chance 2 see or go. .And to let him know he will never b forgotn!!! I will never as long as I live never let the memory of u fade away I wish I could turn back time just to hold you and tell u one more time that I love u bro and im missn u so much just dont understand why did you have to go. . you was love by so many and is missed by everybody Wishn u could see ur gurls they have gotn so big and haley looks so much like u!! So much to say but im ending it with this even thow ur gone u live inside all of us. .And soon we will all be back together . RIP lil bro lovn you always your sister ,SISSee MoreHide

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In Memory of Kenton James Riffe, may he RIP!

October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month, a time to remember babies who died too soon. For many generations, the loss of an infant didn't only go unnoticed, but many women were forbidden to talk about it. In wasn't until the last part of the 20th century when mothers were able to grieve the loss of their babies without the fear of being ...an outcast.

About Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month

In 1988, then-President Ronald Reagan proclaimed October as a national month of mourning in remembrance of babies who died in through miscarriage, stillbirth and other causes. This observance allows families and communities to come together to not only celebrate those infants' lives, but also to increase the understanding into why these tragedies occurred and work at preventing them in the future.

This proclamation also recognizes that in recent years, factors such as smaller families and a mother's advanced age at childbirth add more dimensions of grief on bereaved parents. Therefore, health care professionals are being trained and support groups formed to help in such situations.

However, it's not just parents who need good grief support. Bereavement groups have also been formed for siblings, grandparents and other extended family members. Various types of child loss support groups are also available for families who wish to have more specific gatherings to attend and talk about their deceased infants.

Past generations rarely talked about pregnancy and infant loss, and for years, were saddled with the grief. Recognition such as National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month, allows this subject to be brought into the spotlight and families to grieve their losses publicly, as well as privately. This awareness helps bereaved individuals know they are never alone too.
Facts About Pregnancy and Infant Loss

According to the American Pregnancy Association, out of the roughly six millions pregnancies that occur each year in the United States, about two million end in a loss including:

* Miscarriage
* Termination (medical and non-medical)
* Ectopic pregnancies
* Molar pregnancies
* Stillbirth
* Inadequate prenatal care
* Prematurity
* Low birth rate
* Various birth defects

Yet, at least 25,000 infants die each year before their first birthday from accidents, murders, illnesses and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Time set aside each year can also help educate others about the prevention of some of these deaths, such:

* Accident pool drownings
* Infant neglect or abuse
* Traffic accidents when a car seat is not used or is used improperly
* Heat exhaustion after a baby is left for long periods of time in a locked vehicle

National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day

In the United State and Canada, October 15 has been recognized as National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day. This day allows families and friends, through a variety of remembrance ceremonies, to honor their babies who died. Candlelight vigils are held throughout these two countries and coincides with the International Wave of Light ceremony at 7 p.m. local time in all time zones. Participants are asked to burn their candles for at least one hour, resulting in a continuous chain of lighted candles throughout the globe on this day. Some organizations recognize October 15 as Infant and Child Death Awareness Day, as a way to include all children who have died, not just babies
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Karla's balloon is on a journey to visit people and places all around the world, and needs your help to pass it along! This is for my little brother Jimmie who past away almost 4 years ago of a Disease called (ALS). He was diagnosed Sept 2008, and died 8months later May 12, 2009. We need to be more aware of this disease. There is know cure and can b...e passed on to a son and possibly daughter. For you Jimmie, you will live on forever in my heart. You are greatly missed. Pls pass this on,, this is a very deadly disease.See MoreHide

This balloon is for friends on Facebook, whom you may have met personally or ones you made on the net from around the world.
Friendship is one of the greatest gifts we can share with others.
Pass this balloon onto friends to let them know how much you appreciate their friendship.
Take care of yourself and each other........

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